Shaman Talents Updated for Mists of Pandaria 5.4

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    Elemental Talents Updated for 5.4

    Tier 1 (level 15)

    Whenever a damaging attack brings you below 30% health, your maximum health is increased by 25% for 10 sec, and your threat level towards the attacker is reduced. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 30 seconds.

    Summons an Earth Totem with 10% of the caster's health at the feet of the caster for 30 sec that grants the caster a shield absorbing (Spell power * 0.875 * 4) damage for 10 sec, and up to an additional (Spell power * 0.875) every 5 sec thereafter.

    -costs 8% base mana to cast, 60 second cooldown

    Seek haven by shifting partially into the elemental planes, reducing damage taken by 40% for 6 seconds.

    -90 second cooldown

    Tier 2 (level 30)

    Your Frost Shock now also roots the target in ice for 5 seconds.

    Summons an Earth Totem with 100 health at the feet of the caster for 20 seconds. The totem pulses every 5 sec, causing roots to ensnare the legs of all enemies within 10 yards for 5 sec, preventing movement. Enemies that have already been rooted once by the totem will instead have their movement speed reduced by 50%. Replaces Earthbind Totem.

    30 second cooldown, instant, 5% base mana

    Summons an Air Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster for 6 sec, granting raid members within 40 yards immunity to movement-impairing effects.
    60 second cooldown, instant, 6% base mana

    Tier 3 (level 45)

    When activated, immediately finishes the cooldown on all totems with a base cooldown shorter than 3 minutes.

    3 minute cooldown, instant

    When a totem is replaced or destroyed before its duration expires naturally, its cooldown is reduced in proportion to the lost duration, up to a maximum of 50% of the full cooldown. Any totems that have been destroyed or replaced behave as if the totem had been active for at least 1 second.

    Relocates your active totems to the specified location.

    10 second cooldown, instant

    Tier 4 (level 60)

    Call upon elemental forces, empowering you with 30% haste for 20 seconds.

    1.5 minute cooldown, instant

    Your next Nature spell with a base casting time less than 10 seconds. becomes an instant cast spell.
    Passive: Increases spell haste by 5% and melee haste by 10%.

    When one of your spells causes direct damage or healing, you have a chance to gain Echo of the Elements, duplicating that spell's effect.

    Tier 5 (level 75)
    Summoning a second totem of the same element no longer causes the first totem to be destroyed.
    Only one totem may benefit from this effect at a time. Does not affect Fire totems.

    When you deal direct damage or healing for the next 10 sec, 40% of damage or 60% of healing is copied as healing to up to 3 nearby injured party or raid members.

    2 minute cooldown, instant

    When you cast Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Healing Surge, or Chain Heal, your Healing Rain's duration is increased by 4 seconds. When you cast Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Earth Shock, or use Stormstrike, your Healing Rain's duration is increased by 4 seconds. This cannot cause Healing Rain to last longer than 40 seconds.

    Tier 6 (level 90)

    Your elemental weapon imbues are empowered, granting additional effects when triggered with Unleash Elements:
    Flametongue Weapon - Increases the enemy target's damage taken from your Lightning Bolt by 30%, and from your Lava Burst by 10% for 10 seconds.
    Windfury Weapon - For 8 sec, your melee autoattacks can trigger Static Shock.
    Earthliving Weapon - Further increases the effectiveness of your next single-target heal on the targeted ally by 50%.
    Frostbrand Weapon - You leech heat from the enemy target, gaining 50% movement speed for 4 seconds.
    Rockbiter Weapon - You take 40% reduced damage from the enemy target for 5 seconds.

    Your Earth and Fire Elemental Totems draw forth powerful primal elementals directly from the elemental planes. These servitors are 50% more powerful than regular elementals, act as pets directly under your control, and gain additional abilities.

    Harness and direct the raw power of the elements towards an enemy target, dealing X Elemental damage and increasing the caster's Critical Strike, Haste, or Mastery(or agility for elemental shaman) by 3,500 for 8 seconds.

    12 second cooldown, 2 second cast