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    SWTOR Builds

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    Shaman Builds - 4.3

    This page has older builds that existed before Mists of Pandoria was released.



    Elemental Shaman Builds (4.3)


    Your typical Elemental Shaman Build will look like this:

    enhancement shaman build


    34/7/0 Raid DPS Elemental Shaman Build - This build has Convection, this allows you mana to last longer and this can be very useful in boss fights. This is the main build most elemental shaman go with.


    32/9/0 Elemental Shaman Build With Totemic Reach - This build sacrifices ~%10 mana to increase the range of your totems.


    Spell Priority Rotation:

    1. Fire Totem - always on the ground (Searing or Fire Elemental when off cd)
    2. Flame Shock - DoT present
    3. Lava Burst - Whenever it's up
    4. Earth Shock - 7-9 Lightning Shield charges
    5. Lightning Bolt - Filler


    Stat Priority:

    1. Spirit - (Hit) until capped
    2. Int
    3. Haste
    4. Mastery
    5. Crit


    Enhancement Shaman Builds (updated for 4.3)


    10/31/0 Enhancement Shaman Build


    enhancement shaman build


    8/33/0 PVP Enhancement Build


    Spell Rotation Priority:

    1. Searing Totem
    2. Stormstrike
    3. Lava Lash
    4. Maelstrom Weapon x5 stacks + Lightning Bolt
    5. Flame Shock - If the Unleash Flame buff is present
    6. Unleash Elements
    7. Earth Shock
    8. Spirit Wolves

    Stat Priorities:

    1. Agility
    2. Hit (till spell hit cap 1742 / 17%)
    3. Expertise (till cap 26 expertise / 6.5%)
    4. Mastery
    5. Crit
    6. Strength
    7. To Hit (till white hit cap 2523 / 27%)
    8. Intelect
    9. Spell Power
    10. Haste


    Restoration Shaman Builds (updated for Cataclysm)


    3/7/31 Raid Resto Shaman Healing Build (4.3) - An all purpose raid healing build.


    resto shaman build


    When picking a build for your restor shaman there are a few things to keep in mind:

    1. 10s or 25s? Spell composition is different for those. Ancestral Awakening good for 10s but not for 25, earth healint is good for 25's but not 10s.
    2. Are you raiding hardmodes? If so make sure you have Ancestral Resolve.
    3. Play style: Do you want to use Telluric Currents? High end raiding often benifits from you being able to do some dps on low heal phases where you can get away without not spaming healing wave. This is a more advanced play style so if you play this way you have to pay attention to what everyones health is doing. If you are a tank healer I would not recomend this.


    Main Healing Spells will be:

    For Healing Tanks: Heal with Healing Wave, switch to Greater Healing Wave if healing output needs to be increased. Remember to use Earth Shield and Ancestral Healing provide as a passive buffer for the tank.
    How to heal raid: Save your mana with Healing Wave in phases without much damage. Use Healing Rain and Chain Heal in damage phases. Learn to anticipate those on each boss.


    Restoration Shaman Stat Priorities:

    1. Intellect
    2. Haste (to cap 5489)
    3. Spirit
    4. Crit
    5. Mastery


    If there's no Haste on it, reforge Haste onto it.

    If there is Haste on it, reforge Mastery onto it.